Age-Dependency of Cardio- metabolic Risk and Protective Factors in Females Living in a Countryside Area of Switzerland




We investigated the effect of age on cardiometabolic risk and protective factors in females living in a countryside area of Switzerland. For this cross-sectional analysis, data from 268 female adults, who live in two neighboring countryside villages in Italian-speaking Switzerland were retained. 89 study participants were premenopausal, 82 climacteric and 97 post- menopausal. Television viewing time, short duration of sleep, overweight, blood pressure, levels of atherogenic lipids and gly- cated hemoglobin significantly increased with age. Walking time also significantly increased with age. Tobacco smoking was more common among premenopausal women. It is concluded that in these countryside villages climacteric and postmenopau- sal women generally have an unfavorable cardiometabolic risk profile. On the other side, low physical activity and smoking are, compared to premenopausal and climacteric women, less prevalent in postmenopausal women.


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