The Weinfelden location

In Weinfelden, we will examine the participants at the premises of the “Bildungszentrum für Gesundheit und Soziales” (BBZ) at Falkenstrasse 2. The team consists of 2 physicians from Weinfelden (Dr. Olivier Kappeler and Dr. Martin Kraus) and 6 medical assistants. We are all highly committed to the SWICOS-TG study and conduct thorough and careful examinations to establish an optimal basis for good research in the field of health prevention.

. In a second step, the anonymized examination results will be entered into a research database at the ”Università della Svizzera italiana” in Lugano by 2 of our medical assistants.

A professional staff member from Schlossberg Ärztezentrum in Frauenfeld takes care of the administrative tasks behind the scenes.

The Weinfelden educational center

The Team Weinfelden

Olivier Kappeler - 1

Olivier Kappeler

Martin Kaus

Martin Kraus

Schwarz Brigitte

Brigitte Schwarz


Patrizia Schafroth

Denise Brugger

Denise Brugger

Fischer Ursi

Ursula Fischer

Müller K.

Karin Müller

Känzig Jana

Jana Känzig

Fey Madeleine

Madeleine Fey (Finance)

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